Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shade From Brazil

Over the past 6 months we have been hosting students from Brazil and Germany. Shade has been with us since January and she has become part of our family and she is leaving this Thursday and we will miss her. There have already been lots of tears as my two daughters Amy and Laura who she has grown close to have already left to go overseas. Below is a lovely letter from Shade's dad and my letter in return. It does stretch you on so many levels having people in your home and especially initial strangers from a foreign land but I can highly recommend it. Australia is so cut off from the rest of the world and we have much to learn about other countries and their way of life and what better way then first hand.

Hi Sharon ,

How are you all ?
The time runs so fast that shade ‘s program is almost over .
After the first days with some concern , she started to live a Australian life in a beautiful family .
And you and all the family are responsible for her success .
Kindness , wisdom .
A help hand , a word .
Little by little you have set up an energy and a way to live together .
I am very happy from the other side of the ocean to see and realize all that .
Nothing more important than gives her wings to live the life in a peaceful mood and a free spirit .
You all , be sure , are gonna be part of her life for ever .
And I really hope you both could keep this friendshipness and love .
Our doors are all open for you in Brasil .
Be sure , I would be very pleased to receive you and the “kids “ over here .
With the same kindness .

Thank you very much ,

Thank you for your lovely words. Shade has just read your letter to us and she nearly started crying again.
There have been many good-byes these past weeks and many tears. ):
We still have the big good-bye on Thursday which will be hard as Shade has really been part of the family and we have all grown close to her.
She is a beautiful girl outside and inside and she is a delight to know and a credit to you and her mother.

We are so pleased that we have been able to host her in our home and to be able to learn first hand
about life in Brazil and not just from a book.
She has been a shining light from the day she arrived. The first day at school when all of the students gathered Shade stood out. She is very confident girl and a real leader. You have taught her well and she is a lovely respectful girl, a faithful friend. I have included some photos of Shade with each of my daughters and one that was taken at her school with the other international students and her co-coordinator Desley who she respected and loved and she will miss her heaps I’m sure.
Thank you for your invitation hopefully one day in the not to distant future we could visit your beautiful country and see Shade surrounded by her loving family.

Love Rob and Sharon


fairmaiden said...

How lovely. We had a girl from Morella, Mexico stay with us last Spring and she too became a part of our family. We loved having her with us. What a beautiful light she is.

I wanted to thank you for visiting Sea Cottage and tell you that the seaside hammock pic is from **...I too, would love to have one like it, but I have to wait for our palm trees to grow big enough to hang a hammock in.

Brin said...

What a sweet testimony to your home... and your influence on young people. How refreshing to read!

I wanted you to know that the comment you left on my blog meant the world to me. Just what I needed to hear (read)! Thanks for taking the time to let God speak through you...

Love from Texas, USA -

Beach Vintage said...

This is so wonderful, you guys are making memories here that will last forever.