Thursday, November 20, 2008


Check out the pretend eyes

Amazing detail

Check out this caterpillar with fork tongue or feelers (not sure)that I discovered on my poor little lemon tree this morning....
Aren't creatures great and small amazing....How can anyone say there is no God.. Look at the detail God puts into the tiniest creatures. And we humans have individual DNA's doesn't that blow you away .... that there is not one of us the same?
I love just staring at flowers. When you think about it God went to a lot of trouble for us to enjoy our surroundings so much variety in creation...Thank you God ....I see your hand on my life and all creatures great and small....... Genesis 1v24 "And God said. Let the Earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds livestock, creeping things, and (wild) beasts of the Earth according to their kinds ..... And it was so!


Kath said...

whoa, crazy! I just hope I don't find any of those inside the house! Good thing for the cats :)

Sharon said...

Yes I saw it because the cats were staring at it...It blended in so well with the surrounding leaves. The thing is I left it after the guy came to wash the house and by the end of the day he had eaten nearly a whole branch of leaves

Lora said...

My kiddos would love to find one of these in our yard! Very unique!