Monday, November 17, 2008

Kath's Birthday

" Happy Birthday Kathryn"
Saturday we celebrated my daughter in laws birthday...We had a great time together.

It is always good to get your family together in the one place..

As you know when they grow up it is often hard for you to always be together for Christmas and birthday celebrations so we have to learn to enjoy it when we have it..

Kathryn is Canadian and all her family are in Canada so we realise how difficult it is for her especially at Christmas and Birthday celebrations.....

I can't take the credit for this cake, My son Troy's friend Mat made these beautiful gourmet muffins with Ferraro Rocher chocolates on top... Kathryn is a great cook herself (She follows her family tradition on with the art of baking) We need to make sure our daughters continue to bake and cook because otherwise it will become a lost art like letter writing..... she made a great ice cream cake which went perfectly with these chocolate muffins.


dot said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for posting the pics of Kath's birthday!So nice for her to have such a big celebration - it looks like the whole family was home plus! The chocolate cupcakes look very yummy - were you able to get a recipe? I assume a chef doesn't give away his secrets! Take care, Dot

Judy said...

How nice to see Kathryn's b'day celebrations posted here. I thought of her on the was also my grandfather's birthdate. Yummy looking cupcakes.